Tony Madureira - President, AV Builder & AVB Mold Corp

Tony (AV) Madureira is the Founder and President of AV Builder Corp. The company began as a small contracting company with two employees and has grown into a full service general contracting firm with more than 120 workers with licenses in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Tony began his career working for the family construction business in NY State.  Shortly after high school and while attending the Business Management program at San Diego State University, AV Builder was formed.  The first years were spent managing the business and attending school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  AVB received its first big break when asked to bid on a $2.1MM reconstruction project. After successfully obtaining that project, Tony implemented the first personal computer scheduling program called “Timeline”.  When Tony handed out the schedule to the subcontractors, some laughed and some even tossed them to the ground.  That project was managed exceptionally well with this new tool – to the extent that you could tell the day of the week by checking the real-time work activities.

Like most of us, Tony is a reflection of his roots.  He was raised in a blue-collar environment where hard work and ‘doing a job right’ trumps everything.  This work ethos provided the basis of how the company was built and how it is managed.  His true success is not that he became a success, but that it was done [to this day] with this same core value.

Tony was a wrestler in school, having one of the best overall records ever recorded in southern NY.  When he's not managing AVBuilder, Tony enjoys playing most anything...and it’s usually "game-on" when it’s time to have fun…some things never change.

Cesar Gonzalez - Site Supervisor Multi-Unit Reconstruction

Cesar Gonzalez is a Site Supervisor for multi-unit reconstruction projects in the Phoenix office. Cesar began his employment with AV Builder Corp in 1991 as a laborer and worked his way into the superintendent position. Cesar is responsible for the supervision and planning of the reconstruction projects in the Phoenix area.

Mike Canup - Site Supervisor, Multi-Unit/High-Rise Concrete

Mike Canup is a Site Supervisor for multi-unit and high-rise reconstruction specializing in concrete repair.  He has worked on many projects ranging from $1 to $2 million.  Mike has worked with AV Builder since 1999.  Previously, he was an Intelligence Analyst for the US Marine Corp from 1988-1994, and also received a Bachelor Degree from Irvine Valley College.

Tony O'Gara - Site Supervisor, MRT Certified

Tony O'Gara is a Site Supervisor for reconstruction, mold and maintenance, specializing in waterproofing and holds MRT certification.  He has worked with AV Builder since 1994, and supervises many different projects averaging $1 to $4 million. Prior to AV Builder, he worked as a foreman at Camp Construction doing general framing and custom finishes for four years.

Robert Canup - Site Supervisor

Robert Canup is a Site Supervisor specializing in structural repairs for multi-unit reconstruction.  He supervises the company's larger projects ranging from $4 to $6 million.  Robert is MRT certified and has worked with AV Builder since 1994.  Prior to working with AV Builder, he was a self-employed Framing Contractor for nine years.

Josh Cazares - Operations Manager, Arizona

Josh Cazares is the Arizona Operations Manager for AV Builder Corp and AV Mold Corp. Josh is responsible for maintaining open communication and working closely with attorneys, their staff, clients and their experts throughout the investigative process of construction defect cases. He also works closely with the estimators and helps manage reconstruction projects and maintenance jobs in Arizona.

In 1994, Josh started as a laborer and has trained experience in every aspect of the industry.  He was promoted to foreman and quickly excelled to superintendent. In 2003, Josh relocated to Arizona and currently manages the daily operations of AV Builder's construction defect, maintenance and mold remediation divisions.

When he has a free minute, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife and son, and following the LA Lakers.


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